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Legal Outsourcing

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Projects and Project Management

Finding the time and or resource in-house to scope, manage and complete commercial contracts and compliance projects can be extremely difficult and frustrating given ongoing operational priorities. Outsourcing those projects to external legal service providers is often not viable due to high costs and as a consequence projects move down the priority list.


We can manage commercial contracts and compliance projects on your behalf (whether you choose to outsource elements of or a project in its entirety) utilising fixed cost arrangements against agreed deliverables.


Example Projects

Business Risk Review

Legal audit of existing commercial contracts (more likely to arise in response to new legislation)


Standard template Review 

Update and streamlining of terms of business, terms of engagement, and employment contracts


Commercial Contract Management 

Outsourcing of the management of negotiation, support and advice on individual contracts


Corporate Governance 

Design and implement of legal policies across an organisation


Training for the business 

Creating training materials for internal customers to help mitigate key legal risks

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"...recent projects included full commercial and legal risk audit of client imposed historical terms and conditions with recommendations and proposals for renegotiations."


" and streamlining of standard terms of business within a multi-brand environment for ease of administration and regulatory compliance."


"..drafting of global contractual liability policies and procedures, and data protection policies and procedures."