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"Providing transparent and flexible fee structures to fit the needs of your business"


Our Commercial and Legal Services

We can provide your business with a range of legal options and solutions tailored to you and your organisational needs which fall under the following service categories:



Virtual Lawyer (day to day ad hoc support for every business)

Legal Outsourcing (outsourcing projects for larger organisations)


Our Customers

We can help businesses of all shapes and sizes; whether you are just starting out in business or are looking to take your first steps in growing your business whether through employment of staff or seeking partners or other joint venture arrangements.  We currently help sole traders, SME businesses, and larger organisation who have either a national or global presence.  We are experienced in helping clients in the public sector as well as generally in commerce and industry. 

We have a particular specialism in the recruitment industry sector.



Our Fees

We know that one size does not fit all, and that your needs not only require flexibility in the breadth of service available but also flexibility in the fee structures we can offer to you.   All customer have a choice of different cost options to suit their budget and service required, however we prefer to operate on a fixed price basis wherever possible.



Fee Structures

  • fixed daily rates for flexible resource (providing interim support to a client or in acting as an in-house legal advisor)
  • fixed fees agreed against deliverables for projects or work (as applicable)
  • capped fees for the best of both worlds for more complex projects
  • retained service for clients who wish to buy service credits for commercial and legal support which can be used within a 6 month or 12 month period (advance purchase of hours) for a discounted fee giving you the benefit of reduced rates if you have a regular need for support
  • competitive hourly rates where support cannot be offered on a fixed or capped fee basis.



Customer Satisfaction

We provide our services in accordance with our professional terms and conditions of business (a copy of which is provided to all prospective clients), and our services are fully supported by professional indemnity insurance. Where our consultants are practising solicitors, they will be personally authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).  Please note that ViaLegal is not itself authorised or regulated by the SRA, and nor are any of its consultants or advisors who are non-practising solicitors or non-qualified personnel.  Sara McCracken is a practising solicitor and undertakes non-reserved legal activities (please see our website terms of use for more information). Any issues or queries that you may have regarding our services should be raised directly with us.  

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No hidden charges


"We do not charge for every day phone calls and quick email queries you have.  If your query by email or phone can be dealt with quickly, there is no charge (usually calls or queries which take less than 10 minutes)."  

Fixed Fee for Audit of Existing Contracts


"Sometimes our customers just require comfort that their existing contract templates are still current, make sense, and are enforceable.  We offer low fixed fee arrangements for review of your templates."


Telephone Support Service


"If you think you are likely to call us on a regular basis with small queries, and are concerned about longer phone calls, we offer a low cost monthly telephone support service which guarantees comfort that you will not be charged when you need advice by telephone."